Had an absolutely wonderful experience at Meadesmoore. The staff were very attentive and cordially explained the dishes in detail to us.

The Australian Wagyu Beef was fantastic. Succulent and juicy – the fats simply melted in my mouth. We were given two sauces that complemented the beef perfectly, I personally preferred the barbecue sauce. Even without the sauce, the beef was already marinated and it was slightly salty.

The tiramisu exceeded my expectations. The soft cake paired with the absolutely fragrant and velvety Tiramisu cream made for a great dessert. What surprised me was the touch of Rum that really enhanced the flavours of the Tiramisu, giving it a clean finish.

The Mac and Cheese was right up my alley as well. Made with four different blends of cheese, seared and topped with a cap of truffle the Mac and cheese had a rich cheesy flavour that was both indulgent and satisfying.