I would say this meal would only be worth with the voucher as it was kinda overpriced for Chickens😂 The food was definitely delicious but the service mehhh..
[1st pic]
We got the #teokbokki set (added on the chicken so it was $4 more) This set was really good especially cause it was spicy😋
[2nd pic]
We didnt quite know what we ordered but the chicken was barbeque flavoured and really juicy😍 It was also topped off with Seaweed Rice with sweet potatoes😋 Yummy dish too!
[3rd pic]
This was the Fried Chicken set which costed $26.90 but we added on $2 to change half of the portion to Garlic Flavoured Chicken! Yummy and HUGE PORTION HAHA! [4th pic]
We got their Chir Chir Cheese fries ($9.90) Tbh wouldnt get this again if coming back just because it tasted vry normal and there isnt much flavour.
Overall rating: 4.25/5 because of service and slightly because of price!