This stall attracts a constant crowd and is often sold old before its closing time. We waited more than 45 mins upon ordering at 8am just to get our hands on these comforting and satisfying bowls of thick Hainanese porridge on a rainy weekend morning.

The porridge has a thick and grainy texture which gives a homely feel. There are four main ingredients to their porridge - pork, chicken, cuttlefish and sliced fish with an additional option to add an egg or century egg. The standard pork porridge comes with a generous amount of minced pork, lean meat, pig stomach, liver, tung choy (preserved Chinese cabbage), fried shallots and dough fritters while their ‘all in’ option has additional ingredients such as chicken, cuttlefish, sliced fish, century egg and egg.

Pork Porridge with Century Egg 》$4.50 / Big
All In 》$5.50