Chef Jake brings a produce-focused philosophy to the distinctive brewery-inspired cuisine served in the restaurant, with the continuing efforts on sourcing high quality produce from ethical sources based in Singapore or as close as possible to the country to ensure a richer flavour and lighter carbon footprint. The beef and lamb are from pasture-fed, free range livestock, seafood is sourced sustainably and the continuance of the local “ugly vegetable” programme.

Our evening started off with the Freshly Shucked Oysters ($7.50 each, $38 for six, $72 for twelve), which were Irish oysters in season, and each oyster is topped with Brut Beer jelly, Avruga caviar and housemade dill oil. It was followed by the Hand Cut Beef Tartare ($24) which was perhaps one of the better tartares that I have had in recent times as the addition of stout crisps made from tempura flour gave it a nice bite and contrasting texture while the free-range yolk encapsulates the rich mouthfeel. An addictive snack, the Chilli Salt & Pepper Local Squid ($24) is a must-order with the nuoc cham dipping sauce that brings a combination of savoury, sweet and refreshing flavour. The perfect companion for it? A pint of freshly brewed craft beer.

We moved on to the Chicken Inasal Skewers ($7 each) that are first beer-brined before it gets grilled on the Japanese robata charcoal grill to give it a nice smoky aroma. For the mains, there are the Local Slipper Lobster Roll ($32) that has been mixed in with a housemade nori aioli and sandwiched in a buttery brioche bun with kohlrabi slaw and topped with Avruga caviar. The Steak Frites Little Joe Sirloin ($59) features a free-range 100% grass-fed beef from Victoria Australia, grilled with a housemade Café de Paris butter and served with fries and side salad. For desserts, we had the Burnt Pavlova ($15), a vegan dessert made with coconut cream and topped with coconut Chantilly and seasonal fruits, and IPA Crème Caramel ($15) with smoked berry compote.
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📍 8 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Unit 33-01, Singapore 018981
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