The chicken are freshly grilled-to-order, cooked to juicy perfection and what makes Nando’s stand out is the PERi-PERi spices that they coat onto the chicken, which is a unique blend of African bird’s eye chilli.

The signature order for most will be the ¼ chicken with 2 sides ($15.90) and you can choose the varying spice heat levels from plain to lemon & herb to extra hot for the hotheads. You can pair the grilled chicken with sides such as PERi-PERi chips and corn-on-the-cob. What is unique in the Singapore’s menu are the PERi-PERi bowls that you can customize and build your own bowl with the accompanying sides that have been infused with Asian flavours. What I got is with two boneless thighs over a base of PERi-PERi Noodles ($14.90), which is our mee tai mak but in a PERi-Laksa sauce. The laksa might be slightly mild in terms of the flavour as it was to cater to the masses. I added on the Asian Slaw ($2) and Grilled Broccoli ($3) to complete the meal.
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📍 200 Victoria Stret, Bugis Junction, Unit 01-85/87, Singapore 188021
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