Price: $8.50

Not exactly cheap but hey! Itโ€™s for a variety - Char Siew, Sio Bak and Roast Duck.

My preference has always been:-
Char Siew > Roast Duck > Sio Bak

And today, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialistโ€™s Sio Bak was so freakin good?
It has a good amount of meat in each bite,
the fats just melts in your mouth,
the skin is so crispy and fragrant???
Hands down to the Best Sio Bak Iโ€™ve had.

The Roast Duck and Char Siew were okay. Iโ€™ve had better ones. I like that the Char Siew is sweet and charred. And the chilli on the side was really not bad, quite spicy and goes well with the meats.