So glad that Hambaobao made their return to Beauty World Food Centre with quite a number of the old stalls making a comeback too (the Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle is another stall I love and had returned as well) — the reopening couldn't have been more timely; after all it's probably the last time I am at Beauty World having lunch before heading to school.

I know I should have went with the other burgers that I hadn't yet tried but I cannot resist having their Crispy Pork Belly Burger that just keeps getting better every time. That crackling skin of the huge chunks of pork belly is simply seals the deal; I like how the English Mustard isn't too tame, cutting through the meatiness with a bit of tang and numbness and goes so well with the savoury Hoi Sin Sauce that gives it so much flavour. Remembered trying the Fairy Fries way back then and it wasn't something I fancied, but the Hand Cut Fries are soft and fluffy; felt deliberately done so as opposed to the usual crisp, salted ones for the flavour of potato is really evident here — just lightly seasoned with salt for a little flavour. Really glad to see them come back to Beauty World with the other stalls; hadn't seen the Food Centre bustling in quite a while ever since the announced closure!