16 Apr’22, Sat🌤
📍VeganBurg (Eunos)
- Creamy Shrooms🍔
- Seaweed Fries🍟
- Cranberry Lemonade🥤

The burger was nice, the patty tasted like real meat/chicken patty, the creamy sauce with sliced button mushrooms & fresh lettuce, goes really well together with the patty. One more point to add was that the bun was soft & fluffy, yummy!

Seaweed fries, thicker cut like MosBurger’s, seaweed seasoning was a bit pathetic, couldn’t really taste the difference as compared to normal fries (just less salty maybe).

Cranberry lemonade was refreshing and not too sweet, with a hint of sourness, nice~

Damage: $14.80

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