writing in bullet points bc i have separate points to make
• not the best environment; outdoor seating is WARM with no fans outside and esp if you get a table right next to the road 😖 indoor seating is not the best either — no ambience, just noisy and ugh the vibes are off for me la
• mushroom risotto is not bad. salmon carbonara can be q jelak after a while so suggest u share mains w friends. felt a bit scammed by pierogies like p sure the curry puff-esque skin is pre-made and they just stuffed inside with pumpkin (which is q nice and sweet tbf).
• total came up to $34.15 incl gst and service, ok la i mean if we didn’t order sides it would’ve been way cheaper w the 50% off mains
• mayhaps brunch is better? won’t be back for dinner again