Upon hearing this, we are half scared and half excited of what’s to come in this Wok & Barrel Redux + Make Mee Great Again dinner ($99/pax), essentially a Mod Sin meal featuring chef’s best dishes during her Wok & Barrel days. You will literally be stuffed silly, so do bring an empty stomach and be prepared to start standing and walking midcourse of the meal.

We started off the meal with some carbs loading of Super Gao Mee Rebus and Extra Umami Mee Siam, both equally good and I’m torn apart to choose my preferred one between the two. On one side there’s the extra rich and nutty broth of the mee rebus made from a stock of prawn and beef bones, thickened with sweet potato mash and served with tofu puffs, quail egg and beef slices. Then, there’s the mee siam that brought a slight tang from its flavourful broth served with prawns and a deep fried crab spring roll.
Address: Reserve your slot for the different dinner themes via email. More details at www.ownselfmakechef.com