bought their tiramisu ($4.80) & earl grey basque burnt cheesecake ($6) to try. after discount was $6 nett. the tiramisu was pretty good imo but it was a little lacking in the sponge part & alcohol so it felt a little too innocent. the cheesecake was rather disappointing - the tea flavour was so mild, it was barely there & the cake was like any other regular cheesecake (not flowy/oozy like one would expect a basque burnt to be). the top of the cheesecake was also kinda hard because it was too chilled i guess? but basically it felt like an overnight cake. the slice was also quite small in comparison to starbucks/coffee bean that sell their cakes at the same rate - but with burpple beyond, i don't really have any complaints about the price. would i come back again? probably not intentionally, but if i were to pass by & i was craving some dessert, i wouldn't mind getting the tiramisu again.

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