Rocky road [email protected] Cookie: 7/10 Sweet, Abit crumbly. But got a bit of pull from marshmallow? Not too jelak. Quite light to enjoy.
Milo Stylo: 8.25/10 Sweet,crumbly,every bite has a crunch. There are choco chip bits that just hits home and one bite has different textures and flavors,got the milo,cream,choco bits and choco fillings. Got a bit of saltiness at the back at times.
Cookies&creme: 7/10 like the inclusion of oreo as toppings, sweetness from it is great. The cookie itself is just feels Abit mushy as to support he oreo on top.
Red velvet crumble:
Strawberry and cream: 8/10 sinfully sweet, the crunch from the toppings are an awesome addition to the softness from cookie. Fillings are of chewiness.