Visited at 12pm on Sunday and we were surprised that there was almost nobody here since we’d seen Qiu Lian Ban Mee packed with people at the same time on a different weekend. I’m not too sure when the crowds come, but they seem to thrive predominantly on student or teenager patrons on Sunday afternoons.

Went for the Minced Meat Dry Ban Mee, which was yummy, but not outstanding. It’s worth noting that this was many folds better than the Qiu Lian Ban Mee sold in Fairprice as the noodles don’t stick together, they’re slippery and QQ, but I didn’t find them mind blowing. The minced meat stewed in what looks like a watery chilli gravy is scooped from a small pot right at the end to top off the noodles, but I find the gravy more sweet than spicy, and that they’re quite stingy with the minced meat. After tossing in the sauces, the resultant bowl of dry noodles is slightly sour, sweet, spicy and savoury. I would really recommend adding the shallots and ikan bilis for extra crunchiness, texture and flavour. I would’ve gotten bored of this bowl of noodles otherwise.

Note that the dry noodles don’t come with a bowl of soup, so you might want to consider getting a bowl of dumpling soup to share if you’re dining in a group and want some soup.