Welcome the new DRAGON Year with New Menu at TakagiĀ Ramen!

Featured here are the following items:
-Bekon Pumpkin Ramen ($10.80): Love the rich and savoury pumpkin-infused tonkotsu ramen broth! Comes with soft and tender grilled pumpkin slice and bacon! a
-Konnyaku Tomato Ramen ($9.80): Tangy tomato soup broth! Vegetarian friendly optionwhich comes with sliced tomatoes and konnyaku jelly
-Joyful Lychee Ice Blended ($5.9): Lychee with oat milk blended seamlessly! Comes with 2 lychees too!
-Lucky Pineapple Ice Blended ($5.90): Huat into the new year with this HUAT pineapple and oat milk ice blended drink! Comes with diced pineapples too!

In the spirit of giving back, @takagiramen will be donating all proceeds from every purchase of their Uji Matcha Mochi Gift Set at $4.50 to the Home Nursing Foundation!