I have been eating here for more than 35 years. A couple of days ago I suddenly realised I have never written a review about them. But what else is there to write about a stall that sells the best prawn noodles in Singapore (my opinion), that hasn’t been written before?

The taste has not changed through the years, even though the next generation has taken over. The price however, has been increased annually, typically after their long CNY break. It’s now $6.50 for a small bowl. Same goes for the Ngoh Hiang stall in the same shop. This one has seen some slippage in quality but their changing to a flat fish cake, the one that finger print marks, somewhat raised the taste again. When fried this fish cake is more crispy with strong fish taste coming from each crunchy bite.

Back to the prawn noodles. The soup here is clearly the winner compared with other places. The umami taste of prawns is very evident unlike other places. The prawns are normally better, today being after CNY, the prawns were not so fresh. But this is expected. The quality will recover. I like their thick bee hoon, it has a smooth taste, easy to chew and swallow and it soaks up the prawn soup very well. The pork ribs were a bit fattier than usual, again, I attribute this to CNY effect where the ingredients are harder to source than usual.

So until next time which I am sure will be very soon.

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