We visited Yong He Eating House as we heard of the cheap Taiwanese food that the eatery has been serving for a really long time! As we visited for dinner, we thought to get something more filling aside from the beancurd (which is what Yong He is known for), and we decided to try out the xiaolongbao!

While the xiaolongbao was really cheap ($6.80 for 8 pieces 😁), it was not very nice. We felt that the outer layer was a little too thick and chewy and this might make the dish a little more filling than expected. In addition, the "soup" from the melting of the gelatinised pork broth in each Bao was non-existent, which we felt was quite disappointing given that that is supposed to be the hallmark of a xiaolongbao.

In short, we would not order this again and we would rather try the other items on Yong He's pretty extensive menu.