Always been pretty exciting to drop by the favourite place of the late since they seem to be changing things up and experimenting with quite a number of new pastry and bakes of the late. For a start, they have since done away with most of the high tables that were at their East Coast Road outlet; those have been replaced by long tables and benches for the high tables situated near the kitchen area, while the high tables just outside of the shophouse are replaced with outdoor tables and chairs that are of a similar height to regular dining tables and chairs. Air-conditioning has also been improved in the dine-in area closest to the kitchen as well to improve dining experience overall. They have also been dropping some surprises in the pastries and bakes that are on the menu as well; from the various tarts and galettes that we have featured, to the Walnut Macaroon Cake and the Pasteis de Nata — some being a limited-run for a particular weekend.

One of the newer bakes that we have tried during our recent visit to their East Coast Road outlet is the Napoleon’s Hat — essentially a shortbread pastry that contains almond marzipan in the underside, but features a chocolate dipped surface on the top; the pastry is named as such due to its resemblance to the hat that Napoleon Bonaparte is known to wear. Liked how the shortbread was pretty much easy to chew through here — it holds up the shape pretty well, but quite easily disintegrates without needing much effort to bite; the marzipan provides a hint of almond fragrance and a slightly neutral note to the chocolate ganache over the top. All in all, a pretty good snack to have alongside the coffee!

Really have been quite glad on how they have seem to be trying out lots of different things of the late — does keep things pretty fresh and interesting for regular patrons considering that they have remained much the same over the years. Definitely looking forward to what is to come for them!