The first visit wasn’t successful as the queue was way too long during the Labour day long weekend. This, together with the many good reviews, made me looked forward to the coffee and food.

In picture is the soft shell crab burger, beef burger, chicken stew, nitro tea and nitro coffee. We also ordered the salmon and soba, burnt brussel sprouts, latte and a cold brew.

Honestly I am really disappointed with the food and drinks. The only dish that’s good is the burnt brussel sprouts, and the curly fries that came with the burgers (better than Mcd 😛). The beef burger, soft shell crab burger and salmon and soba was okay, nothing too much to rave about. The main lead of the chicken stew - chicken, was bland and felt like it was cooked separately rather than with the sauce. The rosemary in the sauce was also too overpowering.

The nitro tea and cold brew taste ok, with refreshing berries and pleasant chocolatey coffee notes respectively. However both were a tad too sweet. I have expected the latte to be better (from the reviews but those we had opposite the street after the failed first visit was way better). The worst was the nitro brew. It smelled and tasted like water in an ash tray - diluted and slightly burnt (yes I have tasted it before unfortunately), the ones from SB are honestly better.

However the service there is really good. Just wish the food and drinks were better (or I have not ordered the right stuffs)