A very belated post on a celebratory meal to conclude 2020. The chosen destination? A sensationalised F&B outlet co-owned by a radio DJ personnel, as we learnt. But food and taste comes first, and out of the 4 small sides 3 big plates we had there were clear favourites while others came short of being spectacular.

The table’s favourite was the Sakura Pork Ribs, coming in a fancy Chinese claypot, made of earthenware? I’m too amateur to tell. Regardless it housed large ribs with fall off the bone tender meat - good enough that it becomes a sin to have leftovers.
My next favourite would be the Begedil and Karaage. Given that it is difficult to go wrong with fried food, the former was a premium edition with delicious beef stuffing of the potato snack I was introduced to when grabbing lunch with my Muslim colleagues around our office. The latter is a straightforward favourite done well as expected given the price point 😬

Other dishes we had: the “Hangover” Stew and Iberico Red Curry was too salty for my colleagues palate but favor filled for me, instead I was dismayed by the tough Iberico meat- wasn’t this a premium cut that should deliver?

We also had the Madai Coconut Ceviche (which I found hard to appreciate but tasty nonetheless) and the tiger prawn ramen (which was good but a reminder that Izy Fook is not a ramen speciality store which we were a dime of a dozen on our little red dot).