Smoked Paprika Rigatoni in Pink Sauce with Smoked Salmon & Sous Vide Egg.

Perhaps building my own pasta wasn’t the best idea because the combination I made didn’t seem to work out well for me. Then again, I expected to be mindblown by this place from raving reviews of Tipo. I was personally impressed by the way the choices of pasta daily were presented — with at least 3 different pasta options placed neatly on a platter and introduced by the staff. Went with the smoked paprika rigatoni, pink sauce, smoked salmon and sous vide egg. One of my first few times eating flavoured pasta, the smoked paprika rigatoni had a light paprika notes that was at best mild — very interesting as it did not affect much of the surrounding flavours. Then again, the pink sauce, supposedly a combination of cream and tomato sauce, was just decent, feeling more creamy than a good balance of tomato and cream. Would have also preferred a less watery texture of sauce here, but this might have also been affected by the sous vide egg I chose to add. Smoked salmon was served together in a decent portion size, but do not know if this is the best companion for this. That being said, it was a decent meal here, and I’ll definitely come back to try the pastas they have already built in the menu.


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