Despite its decadent and inviting façade, this was…rather tame. The circular pan, of which the radii are formed by pieces of ebi maki sushi, is engulfed by a blanket of melted mozzarella, topped with a meandering drizzle of mayonnaise, ebi roe, and some chopped scallions. Can you tell that it resembles a volcano post-eruption? 🌋

All these, as well as tempura fritters in each piece of sushi, coalesce into a largely satisfying bite. There’s no question to it - it is as sinful as it looks. If you’re on your cheat day(s) and need your fix of cheat meal, this would seem like an ideal choice. However, if you’re looking for something gourmet, this is definitely not your go-to. Its flavour profile lacks depth or anything genuinely surprising. This also means that you’ll find it ‘muak' or ‘jelak’ after downing say, half of this (assuming you’re having this all to yourself, of course).

Still though, I’d say this was pretty decent for what it was worth. (7.3/10)