XXL 21" Speciale Pizza - Frutti di Mare and Burrata & Proscuito ($62)

This gigantic pizza is amazing when shared with friends because you get to try more flavours and the least amount of crust. The frutti di mare is a seafood flavour with squid, prawn, and venus clam, all of which were bouncy and fresh. As for the burrata and prosciutto, the rocket and tomatoes were so refreshing -- spectacular with the mild burrata and salty prosciutto.

L 12" Speciale Pizza -- Carne ($28)
The meat special is alright if you like meat, but the meatballs are quite small. Personally, I like salty toppings on my pizzas. Some people might find it too salty with the thin crust though.

Overall, go to pepperoni's pizzeria for reliable Italian style pizzas -- especially when sharing with friends ®️: 8/10