From Shin-Do Japanese Casual Dining at Century Square, opened for less than a week. Quite a generous bowl for $13.90 which I couldn't finish the rice; the bowl is filled to the brim with thick cuts of fried chicken and egg (the same way an Oyako Don would be prepared) with rice underneath. Overall, it's a rather comforting dish especially with decently crisp fried chicken, but it seemed to tip the scale of saltiness overall (which I also thought was one of the contributing factors on why I couldn't finish it ultimately). They do have other things on the menu, such as Curry Rice, Unagi Don, Yakiniku Gyu Don, a small selection of sashimi and sushi, Udon and Ramen on the menu as well, and a Big Bento Lunch Menu runs during weekday lunch hours for $10.90 which seems pretty value for money.