Baos, especially those made in-house, are like one of my ultimate favourite Chinese breakfast dishes because they're so handy and satisfying. And because generosity lies in the blood of Chinese (haha what even), their food is often large in portion and abundant, just like these baos and their fillings. (It may not seem a lot here, but that's because the fillings aren't exactly centered and I happened to tear open at the area where the fillings are less)

Often, the buns made by the mainland Chinese are chewier and that's what I really love. I also appreciated that the fillings aren't too sweet here. The yam (top) was chunky and natural-tasting, the black sesame (bottom) is paste-y and fragrant, and the red bean (not pictured) contains whole red beans!

May be a little pricey at $1.50 each, but they're definitely not the size of the usual buns you get in a typical coffee shop.

Hiii!! Where did you buy this? I couldn’t find it from PGP canteen 😋
Emily A hello! This is at e-canteen, the stall is called Dough Magic!
Ah I see! Thanks !😋