Waffles were crispy outside, soft and moist inside! One of the best waffles I have tried. The maple syrup and chocolate sauce also helped to make the waffles less dry.
The roasted pistachio ice cream was fragrant and creamy, with real pieces of pistachio inside😻 I would like to try the Earl grey lavender ice cream and Thai tea ice cream next time!
Price : $10

Creamier 😍 Did you try their special flavour too? Chocolate Tau Yew with crunchy Tempeh! 😜
I saw the special flavor! But did not get it, as it was my first visit to Creamier and my BF highly recommended the roasted pistachio..😁 have u tried the special flavor, how was it ?
Yesss! Loved it. Mainly tastes of chocolate but it has this savoury, salty aftertaste that some will love.