Unlike most diners, I actually went to Latteria's Mediterranean sister restaurant Thirty9 first before coming to here. On my way to Thirty9 and enjoying the feel of walking down the rarely found cobblestone pavement, I took a look at Latteria al fresco dining area, I love the idyllic European vibe of the place, and I made a goal to come here before Chinese New Year. And I did, right on CNY eve and got a nice surprise here 😉

Since at a Mozzarella Bar, I know I got to order some wet cheese balls, which are this place's speciality–can hardly get them elsewhere in Singapore. I opt for Burratina Affumicata, which is Smoked Burrata with Porcini Mushrooms and Basil Pesto.

I want to try this since I have never eaten burratina or burrata in its entirety before. This is mozzarella cheese wrapping around a creamy filling of curb and fresh cream. I love this at first bite because it is so creamy and buttery with an iota of milky, grassy flavour plus stretchy texture from the mozzarella. The smoked surface of the burratina adds an extra dimension to the taste. The creaminess of the cheese goes excellently well with the strong flavours of tangy tomatoes, earthy taste of mushrooms and the pungent basil pesto. A dish full of zest and flavours.

For pasta, I get Linguine al Granchio since I like its ingredients of Crab Meat and Mascarpone. This is fresh Tomato Sauce added too for the zest in taste. Rich in taste due to the mascarpone, this is pure comfort food. I actually prefer linguine over spaghetti since the flat surface of the linguine yield a smoother feel when eating it. Personal preference, of course. The restaurant is pretty generous with the shredded crab meat. And besides the shredded meat, I can actually find morsels of sweet briny crab meat, which is a delight to savour.

Despite being pretty full–due to the generous portions of food, I still make some space in my tummy for Latteria’s Cheesecake. This is an awesome combination of Buffalo Ricotta Cheese for creaminess and light nutty flavour, Lemon for zest, Strawberry Compote for tangy taste, Basil-Coulis for extra kick and Strawberry Sorbetto for floral notes in frozen form. Just right in the sweetness and sourness of taste profile, I enjoy this dessert so much.

This is the surprise I'm talking about. I'm so glad that I visit this restaurant before CNY to get this special message. This nice little gesture is so thoughtful.

The al fresco area is perfect for lounging around and enjoying the lush greenery lining the perimeter. Majority of the patrons actually opt for al fresco dining.

The interior of the restaurant is classy and cozy. Great for romantic dates and family gatherings.

I like both the al fresco area and the interior dining area. Both have distinctive styles to make for a very conducive place to enjoy good food. Service is great too, especially the lady staff, who is very friendly and takes the effort to advise me on the portions of the food, which is a huge concern for solo diners like me.

I really like the food here, and it is great place to hang out at to just enjoy good things in life.

Thoughts: Cool place to enjoy Italian fare and specialty of mozzarella

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