really wanted to try bagels so we popped by onalu at smu for a try! we got:
- b.e.c. (bacon egg cheese) $11
- honey lavender tea (iced) $4, +$0.50 for iced

(not in frame but he got these:
- something fishy $12
- hot choco $5)

for my first bagel try i think it was p decent! i liked the classic combination of bacon and scrambled eggs~ there was also quite a lot of bacon which surprised me! i chose cheese bagels which kind of ruined it tho… it made it taste rlly jelak 😭 think it would’ve been nicer with sesame bagels!

the honey lavender tea was a tad underwhelming (for me ah) but idk what i was expecting also… it just tastes like honey tea with a strong lavender taste lol but i imagine it would be good to drink while studying!

overall might come back when i’m in the area to try the sweet bagels next time!