[Media Tasting, 4/4] "I think the Yam flavour is immediately nicer, but if you take the time to navigate the taste of the Coconut flavour, it makes more sense than the Yam." — Vanessa Kou, Burpple

Those weren't her exact words, but they did hover more or less around what she meant. I wholeheartedly agree with them, after I gave it some thought awhile after the tasting.

It made more sense because the corriander leaves gave it this a wisp of bitter but watery taste, and coconuts share that in common. Both are pretty neutral to the taste, but are refreshing additions to various concoctions in the kitchen. There's consistency in the flavours, which means that the combination fit as tightly as a glove.

Still, I personally prefer the contrasting flavours in the Yam flavour. It had a unique nostalgic charm to its taste that wasn't present in this one. Of course, that's not to say you should avoid this at all! 😧 (7/10)

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