Normally, foodie will upload the pictures of food, but i decided to take a picture of my empty bowl and plate to convince people just how good the food is. Located at Tampines St 21, Blk201C, Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffee Shop S(523201). You will never know there's a hidden gem in this vicinity. Let alone in a coffee shop. The cashier is very welcoming and if you can't make your mind up, she'll be more than willing to help you with what to eat. The price is not that steep(it's cheap!) and the portion of the food is fulfilling. Waker X Oppa is definitely a better alternative if you are looking for cheap and good Korean food besides Seoul Garden. Although it is located in the east, but let me tell you this, it is worth the travelling time there. Try it! It's guuuuuuud!!