Recently went to Peperoni Pizzeria and had a really delightful dinner there😇

Ordered x2 L half and half pizzas (shouldve ordered x1 XXL instead😅) This is quite filling for 2 people if you do not order any other sides!

Got a mix of
- Prosciutto Di Parma + Burrata & Prosciutto for a half and half red-sauced pizza
- Crispy Bacon and Potato + Portobello for a half and half white-sauced pizza

I really like the pizzas here as it is thin crusted and made of good quality cheese🤩 Fillings to crust ratio is good as well and I enjoyed all 4 flavours! Service was mediocre but overall ratings 9/10 as its one of the best pizza places I have been to😇👍🏻

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