There wasn’t any mistake. This is indeed braised beef curry from Halia’s brunch menu. I was slightly puzzled when my brunch item was served; totally expecting a bowl of beef curry and sourdough toasts on the side for dipping. Well, in a way, this was a pleasant surprise. I guess I could do with less mess in a beautiful brunch setting. The presentation of this brunch item very much resembled pulled pork benny/ pulled pork on sourdough. This was served with herb yoghurt sauce - which in my view, could have been more generously drizzled. Unfortunately due to the meagre portion, I couldn’t quite taste any herb-y yoghurt. Braised beef was well done - no chewy, overcooked strings of protein (phew!) There weren’t much curry notes and the braised beef curry pretty much tasted like beef rendang instead. The Asian-fusion brunch was topped with pickles and delightful pink bulbs which were tangy and refreshing, cutting through the more heavily flavoured meat in a nice way. Also, a shoutout to the well toasted sough dough which weren’t overly doughy and stretchy! `love it when the knife cuts through the sourdough so easily!

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