You will be rewarded with a huge volume of health benefits from eating petai as this little bean is loaded with a ton of vitamins. It can relieve depression, prevent PMS, alleviate anemia, regulate blood pressure, boost brain power, ease constipation, cure hangovers, soothe heartburns, avoid morning sickness, calm nerves, nip obesity in the bud, mitigate ulcers, cool high temperatures, assist individuals attempting to quit smoking, inhibit stress, lower the risk of strokes, promote healthy eyesight, improve concentration, and boost digestion. Petai is also know as the stink bean as it contains a unique flavor that is both musky and nutty. When stir-fried with sambal, prawns and topped off with crispy ikan bilis, the petai adds a slightly bitter earthiness to the hearty spice, with a nutty bite that beautifully contrasts with the springy texture of the fat and succulent prawns, while the crispy anchovies add a salty crunch that pokes through the robust flavors of the dish.