From Fujiyama Dragon Curry at Orchid Hotel — this new Japanese curry house replaces the former grounds of Ramyun & Soju. The menu features quite a variety of Japanese curry dishes, though the main novelty about this place is that Paitan soup is available on the side — patrons at encouraged to pour in the Paitan soup into the remaining curry to enjoy a different taste to their Japanese curry.

Despite the large bowls being used, the portion is actually pretty good for one — the bowls are deceptively large and deep but it's pretty shallow in fact. Actually found this to be not too bad; I quite enjoyed the Japanese curry sauce which carried a hint of sweetness without being too salty; I have opted mine to come "Spicy" and the spiciness felt a but more peppery than one that stems from chili. Mix in the minced pork, spring onions and the sous vide egg into the rice and Japanese curry for a silkier, yet savoury touch — the garlic pork belly is sliced pretty thinly; not quite as garlicky as I expected but were pretty juicy and carried a hint of sweetness even. Not sure if I actually poured in enough Parian soup in to mix everything up (halfway through I was actually a little confused if it was water or Paitan Soup due to the lack of labeling of the stuff on the table), but I must say I did like the Japanese curry pretty much on its own. It's decent an option to check out if Tanjong Pagar is your 'hood.