Percolate is one of our favourite cafes in the east and we are back today for their pastries and coffee! We tried a kaya croissant which was good as usual - the croissant was crispy and really buttery, and it paired really well with the Kaya which was really gao. Definitely very comforting for breakfast, and it was reasonably-priced at $5!

For our filter coffee, we decided to get the Enciso blend (Colombia), which was on the sweeter side as it had notes of apricot, cocoa and honey. For those of you who don't like coffees with very strong notes, we strongly encourage you to try this if it's available. It costs $7, which is pretty standard for filter coffee too!

Percolate wasnt too crowded when we went at late morning on a Sunday, and you can still find seats fairly easily unless you are heading down in a big group!

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