Really wanted to have the McDonald’s Chocolate Pie ($1.80) before it disappeared from the menu again. Also judging by how popular it was previously, I made sure to head down to an outlet before it sold out.

At only $1.80 a pop, the chocolate pie is an affordable and yummy treat. Of course you can’t expect gourmet quality, but I’m satisfied enough with the chocolate lava in the pie which sparked joy in my choco-holic self. The chocolate filling is rich, lusciously thick and slightly bittersweet, which was just up my alley. I didn’t enjoy the pie crust much, as I’m not a fan of McDonald’s apple pies, but it served its purpose of being a vehicle to carry the molten lava goodness inside so I can’t complain. Honestly at $1.80 I think the chocolate pie is super worth it. I would even pay $1.80 just for the lava filling sans pie crust and use the chocolate as a dip 😂