Went for lunch at the Foodfare food court at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 just the other day and noticed a stall labelled “Taiwanese Cuisine” that piqued my interest — upon closer inspection, turns out the operator of the stall is The Voice . Taiwanese Cuisine (好聲音 .台灣風味館); a stall which we had visited when they were located in a coffeeshop along Eng Kong Terrace. While the Eng Kong Terrace outlet has since become defunct, they had since expanded their operations with four outlets at the time of writing — their other locations apart from the one at Foodfare at Marina Bay Financial Centre being within Foodfare at FairPrice Hub (Joo Koon), Kopitiam at Jurong Point 1 (Boon Lay), and Kopitime at PLQ (Paya Lebar). For those who are unfamiliar with what they serve up, the menu at The Voice . Taiwanese Cuisine comprises of various forms of “bento” (think Braised Pork Rice Bento, Chicken Cutlet Rice Bento etc.), Taiwanese Mee Sua and a whole range of sides including the likes of Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Mixed Vegetables, Braised Pork Intestines etc.

Went for the very same item which we went for when we dropped by their now-defunct Eng Kong Terrace location the previous time, and found that the Popcorn Chicken + Braised Pork Bento seem to have been vastly improved from back then. One very noticeable change was the use of a shallower paper bowl instead of the one that they were previously using — somewhat improving the aesthetics of the entire dish since there was less void space around the whole bowl. The cuts of the braised pork does feel different from back then; seemingly featuring more fattier cuts, the braised pork is nothing short of being soft and tender — does come savoury enough from being stewed in the braising liquid whilst there was also enough braised sauce going around to flavour up the rice this time round too. The Popcorn Chicken was good as it previously was — these golden brown morsels of chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy inside; not particularly greasy, and sprinkled with the usual salt and pepper for good flavour. The same pickled cucumbers and preserved vegetables also sit atop the short-grain rice; both of which providing a good break between the meat and the carbs, while the braised egg features a completely cooked yolk — great for those who prefer it done this way.

Having given them yet another go at their outlet at Foodfare at Marina Bay Financial Centre, was glad that they seemed to have did some minor tweaks to the Popcorn Chicken + Braised Pork Bento which refined the offering further — overall an improvement over what it previously was. Priced at $8.80, this may not be quite the most affordable eat around the area if one is looking for a meal in the price range of around or below $6 for a weekday lunch in office, though it is noted that they do have other rice bentos and mee sua that is priced competitively at $5.80. Always find it a little difficult to make a choice on what to have here at this particular Foodfare, but I guess The Voice . Taiwanese Cuisine is one that I would easily settle for the next time I return here.