From Plates at Esssen at The Pinnacle — opened by the same folks behind Horizon Bistronomy which have branches at Alexandra and Punggol.

I must say that this was good considering it's from a hipster food court, but I felt like I would have wanted more out of it given it's almost restaurant-esque price tag of $18. The whole dish did come off pretty well — the tomato chorizo sauce was creamy and all sorts of tangy, which helped to bring up the flavour profile of the otherwise rather carbo-loaded dish. The Gnocchi were sized slightly larger than usual; soft and light, though I would prefer them to be pan-fried a bit longer to get that crusted bottom which would further improve the texture and flavours. The grilled octopus was decent, though if were to nitpick, a little mushy and soft in the middle — a little off from the smoky, firm (but not tough) octopus leg I was expecting. The fried Enoki mushrooms were crisp, but apart from adding a texture, felt a little unnecessary overall for me. I would say the dish was all in all quite satisfying for something served in a hipster food court like Essen, but at it's price, it felt like it needed a little bit more finesse than what was being presented on the plate.