don’t even get me started! this is truly, hands down, the BEST fish soup ever. at first you will be unwilling to part with $5-$9 dollars thinking that you will need to sit in the hot and crowded af amoy street food centre. still need to queue 30-45min, damn sian.

but trust me, after trying once, you will be back for MORE. just take my money and just brave the long queue alr!

fish slices are very thick (even thicker than restaurant standards) and SO FRESH. before han kee, i have never eaten fish this fresh, it’s as if the owners own a fish farm or smth (fact not verified). what makes han kee the best is also the amount of fish slices they give. you will be surprise at how many slices they will give for their small bowl ($5). rly, just take my money alr!!! soup is on the plainer side but the fried garlic added an extra umami which leaves you wanting more!

as an avid fish soup lover that tried majority of the famous fish soup (e.g. first street teochew fish soup, piao ji and leng kee fish soup, etc), rly, in my humble and honest opinion, han kee tops everything.

pro tip: to avoid long queue, reach the stall at 11am. you will only need to queue for 15 min!