💰: $200 for 4 pax
📈: 10/10

This place has never disappointed me. I made a booking on the day itself for a family lunch, and there were slots available.

Although this place is more expensive than others, I still prefer this for its collagen soup! It’s thick and creamy, and apparently good for your skin as well!

I also love the fried beancurd skin, where you dip into the soup for 1 second, and it still retains its crispy texture while you slurp on the spicy soup that seeped into the beancurd skin.

Also, it was my mum’s birthday that day, and they gave her a delicious slice of Black Forest cake, which coincidentally was my mum’s favourite!🖤

They usually provide a jar of Yuzu blended juice for us to cleanse our palate at the end of the meal. It is so refreshing and sweet! What a satisfying way to end the meal😋