[$14 + $5 for the waffles]
This is a HUGE portion of dessert for 1 person, especially after a meal, would recommend sharing with another.
I would recommend spending an extra $5 for the waffles, not only on this dessert but on the rest.
Just on it's own, it is already a good waffle, slightly crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside, it has a slight sweet taste even without the ice-cream.

While the initial idea of consuming dark chocolate ice-cream, along with the brownies was that it would be really rich, which would eventually cause me to be unable to eat anymore, the sweet and sour tastes from the raspberry and passionfruit sauces, along with a crunchy and sweet texture from the honeycomb and crumbs did not cause the dark chocolate taste overly rich.

p.s. would recommend their white cold brew coffee [$8] especially for those who dislike a strong and bitter taste of coffee