📍Marché, 313 Somerset📍
💸 Puffle breakfast set (Muesli puffle with coffee): $8.90
💸 Swiss rosti with pork sausage, crispy bacon strips & fried egg: $16.90
Honestly we've never had Marche's breakfast before, it was always more of a dinner place for us but today we finally got the chance to tried out their breakfast☀️! It was also our first time having a puffle (cute name btw), which is a crossover between a pastry and waffle🧇. Really interesting texture, it's not soft like a waffle nor super flaky, but still quite crispy and we really enjoyed this😲! We loved that it was topped with lots of muesli, nuts and berries🍓 in some yogurt (we think), which made it a nice sweet breakfast that was not heavy at all. Highly recommend👍!!

On the other hand, while Marche's Rosti🥔 is a crowd favourite and also one of our must-orders, it's probably not that suitable for breakfast as it was on the greasy end. Also, we got served a premade rosti which was a little cold when we ate it🥲. Would probably stick to their puffle sets or other bakery items in the future for breakfast!

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