1.Oyster with jalapeno ponzu, ginger flower and salmon roe: 4/5 quite decent (at least there is no fishy smell).
2.Grilled sucrine lettuce with herbs yoghurt, macadamia nuts and cider vinegar: 5/5 the yoghurt sauce was YUMZ
3.Thyme and onion bread with smoked sweet paprika butter: 3/5 so-so , there is a light onion fragrant after taste but nothing mind-blowing
4.Pork jowl with chipotle mayo and pickled pear:
4/5 pair every pair with the pickled pear!!!
5.Roasted cauliflower with couscous, serrano ham and manchego cheese: 5/5 LOVE THIS DISH the most.
6. Smoked burrata with pickled chioggia beetroot, tom kha gai broth and fried peanuts: 3/5 just think it is weird to pair with the 'tomyum' soup
7. Spanish octopus with chimichurri: 1/5 Overpriced and mediocre
8. Chocolate ganache with biscuit: complimentary birthday celebration

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