For a fuss free dinner at Chinatown ( and yes ! With air con in this humid weather ), head down to Tak po. There is a variety of Hong Kong style steamed rice , porridge and Claypot dishes . The preserved vegetables ( mei cai) and steamed pork patty is well seasoned and devoid of any pork taste and it feels like a home cooked meal. The rice could be a little less wet and the meal would be perfect . But for SGD 3.80, I don't have any complaints . The Hong Kong style chee cheong fun is also made ala minute and when accompanied with their home made sambal Chilli ( which is really nice ) makes snack anytime of the day . I suggest ordering the plain chee cheong fun ( SGD 2.00) so you can fully appreciate the taste of the home made sambal Chilli. The dim sum items are worth less of a mention - so please save your calories.

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