Back at Kki Sweets!

Nothing much changed, the staff are still superbly friendly & the desserts are 🤌🏻

I ordered the “J” for myself! Why choose when you can have all your favourite flavours in one cute cake?“J” consists of Black Sesame, Yuzu & Matchaaa. This was such a fun dessert to have! A combi of manyyyy textures!! Personally felt that “J” was the cutest & most artistic cake amongst all that I’ve ordered, even my sis couldn’t take her eyes off “J”

“Teh” had a super creamy, milky & perfumed layer of light yet airy earl grey mousse. At the centre, there’s chunks of thickly coated sweet & soft pears. Really liked that crunch from the thin toasted hazelnuts crisps.

If you’re looking for a slightly boozy sweet treat, you can try @kki “Fromage”. A classy combi of cushiony-soft & creamy-rich cheesiness, along with rum infused fruits, pairing well with the fluffy cheesecake at the bottom ; It’s topped with toasty cubes of kinako streusel, cubes of cheese blocks, cambozola (blue cheese), almond flakes and a touch of a dripping honeyed sauce!

“Nao” was so soft that it just melts in your mouth. Flavours went so well together too cause you can never go wrong with strawberry & pistachio.

Last but not least, we got “Marronnier”!! It contains chestnut, red fruits as well as cassis;))

Amazing desserts with a fine dining experience!

To go with the cakes, is a small selection of teas by a Japanese brand Lupicia & champagnes if you’d like!

Featuring 📸
~ TEH $11.50
~ NAO $12.50
~ Fromage $13.50

Not featured
~ J $13.50
~ Marronnier $9.50
~ Hot Tea (Green), (Oolong) & (Rooibos) $6 each

Truly an experience! Taking a break from the heatic world & just enjoying the cakes in a peaceful, calm & cosy space.

[NOTE: @kki only accepts reservations via their website!;))) Walk-ins not guaranteed!]