price: $9.80
value: 8/10

the portions here were really generous with a huge chicken leg served :) especially loved the rice which was sufficiently coconutty and the owner shared that they used fresh coconut milk and not the canned ones to make the rice which gives it that extra fragrant oomph! the owner here is rly down to earth and receptive to feedback which is nice :) and he shared that with the stock of fresh chicken coming in they would be using that soon instead of the frozen chicken so I’ll excited to come back and try that!

would also recommend trying their lemongrass grass jelly honey drink as it was very well done and was super refreshing too.

bought some of their kuehs too and it goes really well with their coconut ice cream! however I gobbled it down before I could take a good picture of it.

I think an additional perk is that there is hdb parking right outside the shop which makes it convenient if not the next nearest mrt is probably boon keng

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