3 thick slices of buttered toast (cut into cubes) topped with matcha ice cream, matcha macaron & matcha almond brittle. Drizzled liberally with whipped cream & swirls of matcha sauce. #sugarhigh

Each cube of toast was crispy with slight hint of honey but I wished they were slathered with more butter. The toast crust was hard and difficult to slice through with a knife.

Oh, I forgot about the almost non existent Azuki beans. Was disappointed that my toast came with less than a teaspoon of Azuki beans. Give me more Azuki beans and I will be a happy girl.

The toast was so #instagramworthy and I guess everyone was dazzled by the beauty of the toast, staff included. Some of them were in a daze apparently & it was quite hard to get their attention. That said, some were quick in responding thou'. Well, the cafe is still in the soft launch stage, so bound to have teething issues. Just hope that they will be ironed out by the next visit.

PS: Worried about the queue? Try going on a weekday afternoon if you can. There wasn't any queue when I was there.