When I said I was buying dinner, my dear colleague immediately said "Let's go have ramen @ippudosg because I love ramen plus it is more expensive". Here's what we ordered;

Karaka Tamago
Pork Bun
Spicy Chicken Wings
Green Salad

The ramen was served with thin curly noodles, minced meat miso paste, tamago and spring onions. You can customize your spice level from mild to very hot! My personal favorite beside ramen is their signature melt-in-the-mouth Chashu sandwiched in a soft bun. We could not decide which chicken as sides so we ordered both Karaage and Spicy Chicken Wings. Both were equally tasty which we split our share evenly. LOL! I did get a πŸ™„ look when I ordered my Green Salad.

Total damage to my wallet was S$56.50.