Located at B2 of Jewel, The Hainan Story offers a wide range of Hainanese delicacies, including chicken rice, pork cutlet and curry rice. It was a popular spot and we had to wait awhile for a seat on a Friday evening. Food was however served quickly upon ordering through our phones.

For the curry rice dishes, one could select between a sunny side-up or the long bean omelette (pictured), as well as between spicy lady’s finger or chap chye (pictured). While decent, the omelette was nothing special. I felt the same way about the chap chye, which included pieces of fish maw, mushrooms, carrot and cabbage drowning in a thick viscous sauce. The tempeh pieces and koropok were more special. For the protein, the dory fish was fried well, with a crunchy surface and tender meat beneath the breading. The curry sauce coating the rice grains was flavorful and the chili sauce given at the side gave the dish an extra hint of spiciness desired for spice lovers.

The egg tarts, while served cold, were also pretty decent. The buttery base was fragrant and the eggy centre was tender.

For a place like Jewel, we feel that the prices are acceptable and the standards are pretty good too.

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