I love burgers, I do. I love it even more if it has melted cheese. Bacon too. I love them all. I prefer beef more than fried chicken for the patty, because fried chicken and bacon is just funny. Or maybe not, I have yet to try. So, the rest of this review is already biased 😜

My normal order would be The Bash, the one with the cornflakes, if you're wondering. While I was queuing up, I thought, maybe I want something with bacon. So, there. I got this.

I liked it, but I thought it was a little bit dry. I had to add more sauce to it. Even the patty felt dry, not juicy as I imagined it to be. But hey, you can now choose how you want them to cook your patty. Mine was, I forgot.. but I'd come back to get The Bash or try other stuff, definitely 😊