Kway chap isn’t commonly a dish that’s eaten at supper. But this stall at Bishan does a version good for night owls. It opens from 8.30pm in the evening all the way to 4am the following morning. In fact queues start to form at 8pm and this continues through the evening.

We ordered kway ($1 each) and it was smooth and silky, but didn’t had a lasting impression of the broth. For $16 (for four), there was braised belly pork, small intestine, large intestine, pig skin, fish cake, tau kwa, tau pok and boiled egg. The innards here were cleaned thoroughly and doesn’t have a bitter, gamey smell - the most important factor in determining if it’s a good rendition. Chilli sauce here is worth a mention where it’s sourish spicy. The type of sauce that complements the braised delights well.

I would say this is a decent bowl of kway chap for those who want to fulfil their late night cravings.